Upcoming Meetings

May 23-25, 2022Ecological Forecasting Initiative 2022 Meeting
Jan 9-14, 2022Short Course: Ecological Forecasting Initiative 2022
Sept 14, 2021R Shiny Seminar Series: A Primer to Creating Interactive Maps with Leaflet in Shiny
Aug 31, 2021R Shiny Seminar Series: Improving Speed of Shiny Apps by Pre-Computing Models
Aug 17, 2021R Shiny Seminar Series: Creative Visualization of Model Results and Uncertainty in Shiny

Previous Meetings

Aug 10, 2021R Shiny Seminar Series: Storing Data on User Interactions with the App on SQL Database
Jun 28-29, 2021EFI-RCN Empowering the Development of the Next Generation of Educational Materials for Forecasting 
Jun 14-15, 2021EFI Student Association Early Career Annual Meeting 
Jun 7, 2021EFI-RCN Inclusive Pedagogy Workshop
May 17, 2021Social Science Working Group Hosted Presentation: Best Practices for Visually Communicating Ecological Forecast Uncertainty
May 4, 2021Partners & Knowledge Transfer Working Group Hosted Panel: Co-production & Actionable Science
Mar 2021DEI Working Group Hosted Panel: What kind of online tools are useful and work well for remote learning and teaching?
Feb 2021DEI Working Group Hosted Panel: How can 4-year data-driven institutions and programs support students transferring from community colleges? 
Jan 2021DEI Working Group Hosted Panel: What does culturally competent data science training look like?
Nov2020DEI Working Group Hosted Panel: What do diverse students need to thrive in data- and computer-heavy settings?
Jun 2020Summer Course: Ecological Forecasting Initiative 2020 
May 2020
Jul 2019Summer Course: Near-term Ecological Forecasting Initiative
May 2019Ecological Forecasting Initiative 2019 
Jul 2018Summer Course: Near-term Ecological Forecasting Initiative
Feb 2018NSF OISE Workshop: Ecological Knowledge and Prediction 
Jan 2016NEON Workshop: Operationalizing Ecological Forecasting