EFI RCN NEON Ecological Forecast Challenge

The NSF funded EFI Research Coordination Network (EFI-RCN) is hosting a NEON Ecological Forecasting Challenge with the goal to create a community of practice that builds capacity for ecological forecasting by leveraging NEON data products. The NEON Forecasting Challenges revolve around the five topic areas listed below using data collected by NEON.

Currently, teams are working to design the NEON Forecasting Challenges for each topic area and we expect to start rolling out Phase 1 of the Challenges starting in the first half of 2021. At that time we will have more details about the rules and instructions for creating and submitting forecasts for the Challenges.

EFI RCN Forecasting Challenge Topics
Aquatic Instruments
Terrestrial Carbon/Fluxes
Tick Populations

Here are videos that provide a) an overview of why we need forecasts and why we are using NEON data, b) describes Forecasting Challenges in general and c) provides an overview of the draft Forecasting Standards that the EFI Cyberinfrastructure, Methods & Tools, and Theory Working Groups have been working on. The Standards are still in beta testing, but you can find draft documentation and this GitHub repo which summarizes the proposed standards.

Overview of the EFI-RCN, Why Forecasting is Important, and Why Use NEON Products
General Description of Forecasting Challenges
Draft of the Forecasting Standards
Playlist of Videos Describing the NEON Data Products