Reports & Briefs

EFI Brief 2020. This memo provides a briefing on, and recommendations for, an ecological forecasting research initiative to support actionable public and private decisions (e.g. natural resource management, national security, and climate adaptation and mitigation) while advancing our fundamental scientific understanding about the predictability of the Earth system.

EFI Research Coordination Network Status Update: Condensed and updated report from our December 2020 annual report to the National Science Foundation. February 2021.  

EFI Status Update: Accomplishments over the Past 6 Months. December 2019. Post by Michael Dietze

Forecasting a Bright Future for Ecology. January 2019. Frontiers in Ecology and Environment Editorial.

EFI’s response to a NASA RFI on Earth System Predictability Research and Development, May 18, 2020

EFI’s response to an NSF Request for Information regarding Data-Focused CI Needs to Support Future Data-Intensive Science and Engineering Research, December 16, 2019