This page provides recordings and resources for the Webinars EFI has hosted. The following are the webinar topics.

Ecological Forecasting Outside Academia Early Career Panel

Feb 22, 2023Ecological Forecasting Outside Academia Early Career Panel – hosted by the EFI Student Association

Statistical Methods Series (co-hosted with the ESA Statistical Ecology Section)

May 1, 2023Integrated Species Distribution Models – Forthcoming
Apr 3, 2023Bayesian Stable Isotope Mixing Models and the MixSIAR R package – Forthcoming
Mar 6, 2023State Space Models and the Template Model Builder (TMB) R package
Feb 6, 2023Spatial Modeling in Ecology
Jan 9, 2023Zero-Inflated GLM and GLMM
Dec 5, 2022Structural Equation Models and the piecewiseSEM R package
Nov 7, 2022Analysis of Bioacoustic Data
Oct 3, 2022Spatial Occupancy Models and the spOccupancy R package
May 2, 2022Hidden Markov Models in Ecology
April 18, 2022 NIMBLE
April 4, 2022Multi-Species (Species Interactions) Occupancy Modeling
Mar 7, 2022Integrated Step-Selection Analysis
Feb 7, 2022Movement Ecology
Jan 24, 2022Generalized Joint Attribute Models (GJAM)
Jan 3, 2022Generalized Additive Models (GAMs)
Dec 6, 2021Species Archetype Models and/or Regions of Common Profile Models
Nov 1, 2021Mixed Models

R Shiny Series

Sept 14, 2021A Primer to Creating Interactive Maps with Leaflet in Shiny
Aug 31, 2021Improving Speed of Shiny Apps by Pre-Computing Models
Aug 17, 2021Creative Visualization of Model Results and Uncertainty in Shiny
Aug 10, 2021Visualization of Data in Space and Time: An Interactive Framework

Oceania EFI Chapter Monthly Seminars

May 25, 2023Steph Brodie (CSIRO) – Forthcoming
Mar 23, 2023Jamie Cleverly (James Cook University & TERN) – The statistical predictability from climate factors of carbon, water and energy fluxes across Australian and New Zealand agricultural sites
Feb 12, 2023Alfredo Huete (University of Technology Sydney) – Pollen forecasting and satellite-derived ecological connections between the environment and human health
Aug 30, 2022Claire Spillman and Christopher Pickett-Heaps (Bureau of Meteorology) – Data sources for ecological forecasting in Oceania
May 23, 2022Paige Eveson (CSIRO), Quinn Thomas (Virginia Tech), Sean Walsh (University of Melbourne) – Examples of Ecological Forecasts.

European EFI Chapter Monthly Seminars

Jun 14, 2023Dr. Cara Gallagher – Forthcoming
May 10, 2023Dr. Jenela Pantel – Forthcoming
Apr 12, 2023Dr. Harry Watkins – Forthcoming
Mar 8, 2023Owen Petchey (University of Zurich) – Understanding and Predicting the Stability of Ecological Systems
Feb 8, 2023Gerbrand Koren (Utrecht University) – Terrestrial Carbon Cycling Across a Range of Temporal Scales
Dec 14, 2022Damaris Zurell (University of Potsdam) – Forecasting Species Range Dynamics Under Global Change
Nov 2, 2023Emily Simmonds (NTNU) – A journey to more robust predictions of population responses to environmental change

Science Communication Series / Social Science and Partners & Knowledge Working Group Presentations and Panels

Jan 19, 2022 Science Communication Series: Sharing is Caring: Communicating Science Beyond Academic Publications
Nov 19, 2021 Science Communication Series: Serious Fun: Reimagining Virtual Events on Ecological Forecasting
May 17, 2021Social Science Working Group Hosted Presentation: Best Practices for Visually Communicating Ecological Forecast Uncertainty
May 4, 2021Partners & Knowledge Transfer Working Group Hosted Panel: Co-production & Actionable Science

DEI Working Group Hosted Panels

Mar 2021 What kind of online tools are useful and work well for remote learning and teaching?
Feb 2021How can 4-year data-driven institutions and programs support students transferring from community colleges? 
Jan 2021What does culturally competent data science training look like?
Nov 2020What do diverse students need to thrive in data- and computer-heavy settings?