Student Association (EFISA)

Meeting Announcement

The EFISA is hosting an Early Career meeting on June 14-15, 2021.  This 2-day meeting will focus on enabling early career (undergraduate students, graduate students, postdocs) scientists to participate in ecological forecasting. The meeting will center around 1) developing collaborations and sharing skills amongst attendees, and 2) focus on highlighting student forecasts submitted to the EFI RCN NEON Ecological Forecast Challenge and providing skills-based workshops. Additional details about the meeting can be found HERE

EFISA Overview

The Ecological Forecasting Initiative Student Association (EFISA) was founded by students and for students as a platform for sharing resources, bolstering community, and fostering collaboration within the diverse field of ecological forecasting.

The group meets on the third Thursday of each month to provide a community of support for students interested in ecological forecasting. The group provides a venue for graduate students to network with others.  Activities include discussions of relevant papers, short presentations of student’s research, and developing collaborative group projects such as hackathons, software packages, educational resources, and publications. 

Any student interested in ecological forecasting is welcome to join. Students can join EFISA by filling out this registration survey and emailing We intentionally prescribe no formal definition of a student, and intend for our group to be inclusive of those enrolled in accredited academic institutions and also those who are not.

EFISA Operating Principles and Procedures version 1.0

EFISA Working Group Schedule of Calls:
EFISA will be meeting on February 18, March 18, April 15, and May 20 at 2pm US Eastern. We are always open to people joining the calls. Fill out the registration survey to be included in the email list.

Chairs: Whitney Woelmer (Virginia Tech University), Dave Klinges (University of Florida), Millie Chapman (University of California, Berkeley)