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Statistical Methods Seminar Series
Forecasting Ecosystem Changes Panel hosted by TERN, Australia’s Land Ecosystem Observatory
Sharing is Caring: Communicating Science Beyond Academic Publications Webinar held on January 19, 2021
R Shiny Webinar Series
Playlist of Talks from the June 28-29 Meeting on Developing Educational Resources for Ecological Forecasting
Playlist of Talks from the June 14-15, 2022 Early Career Meeting held by the EFI Student Association
Playlist of videos from the June 7, 2021 Inclusive Pedagogy Workshop
Best Practices for Visually Communicating Ecological Forecast Uncertainty, May 17, 2021, Seminar Hosted by EFI’s Social Science Working Group
Co-Production and Actionable Science Panel, May 4, 2021, Seminar Hosted by EFI’s Partners & Knowledge Transfer Working Group
Conversations on Diversity and Data Panel Series
Playlist from the December 9, 2020 AGU EFI Town Hall which provides an overview of the NEON Ecological Forecast Challenge, the cyberinfrastructure associated with the Challenge, and the NEON data streams available for the Challenge. The playlist also includes updates from the EFI Cyberinfrastructure, Methods & Tools, EFI Student Association, Education, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Social Science, and Partners & Knowledge Transfer Working Groups.
Series of NEON/EFI “Fundamentals of Ecological Forecasting” short videos have now been released (including with closed captioning). This playlist has 24 videos in all, each 3-12 min in length, covering different forecasting topics (forecasting concepts, Bayesian stats, uncertainty propagation, data assimilation, decision sci, etc).
Click Here to View Videos from the EFI 2019 Conference Mike Dietze’s presentation the Ecological Society of America / EFI webinar on May 23, 2019

Overview of the Smart Reservoirs Forecasting Project


Dietze, M2017On the nature of prediction in ecologyEcological Society of Americapdf
Dietze, M2017There and back again – a model-data assimilation tale39th New Phytologist Symposium: Trait covariation: Structural and functional relationships in plant ecologyYouTube
Dietze, M2016Why we must forecast, starting today [IGNITE talk]Ecological Society of AmericaFigShare
Dietze, M2014Predicting Phenology: A Case-Study in Real-Time Ecological ForecastingEcological Society of AmericaFigShare


Forecast-Analysis Cycle (Dietze 2017 Figure 13-1)