EFI 2024 Conference

4-6 JUNE 2024
Ecological Forecasting Initiative (EFI) 2024 Conference
Helsinki, Finland
hosted by the Finnish Meteorological Institute

Welcome to the Ecological Forecasting Initiative (EFI) 2024 Conference!

The Ecological Forecasting Initiative (EFI) is a global interdisciplinary effort aimed at promoting the use of near-term ecological forecasts to understand, manage, and conserve ecosystems and the services they provide.

This 3-day community-wide EFI meeting aims at bringing together scientists, agencies, industry, and stakeholders to build a community of practice and to advance research, applications, and collaboration around near-term (subdaily to decadal) ecological forecasts.

The meeting will provide opportunities to network, activities for early career individuals, presentations and posters on the state of the field, and workshops and tutorials focused on skill development. With this first EFI conference outside of the U.S., we aim at building a more international ecological forecasting community. The meeting will be hybrid to allow for as broad and diverse participation as possible.

There will be a call for session and workshop proposals in late 2023.

Mark your calendars for 4-6 June 2024 and more details will follow soon!

EFI2024 Conference Organizing Committee
Istem Fer, Finnish Meteorological Institute
Layla Höckerstedt, Finnish Meteorological Institute
Maria Paniw, Doñana Biological Station
Owen Petchey, University of Zurich
Jody Peters, University of Notre Dame
Åsa Stam, Finnish Meteorological Institute
Toni Viskari, Finnish Meteorological Institute

Email: info@ecoforecast.org