Educational Resources

HERE is a list of over one hundred educational resources related to Ecological Forecasting.

  • Resources include course material, videos, code repositories, modules, and online textbooks.
  • Resources are organized around concepts of forecasting, basics of R, Python, ecology, and statistics, data sources, data skills, model building, the forecast cycle, applying forecasts, and using decision science or interpreting forecasts as end-users.
  • Resources are categorized as Introductory, Intermediate, and Advanced

Examples of Ecological Forecasting Courses and Syllabi

Courses and SyllabusesInstructorsAffiliation
Topics in Statistical and Data Sciences - Ecological ForecastingAlbert KimSmith College
An Overview of Structured Decision Making - ALC3183 - ResourcesMichael Runge, Sarah ConverseUS Fish & Wildlife and USGS
Ecological Dynamics and ForecastingMorgan Ernest, Ethan WhiteUniversity of Florida
Ecological Forecasting and InformaticsMichael DietzeBoston University
Ecological ForecastingJason McLachlanUniversity of Notre Dame
Ecological Dynamics & ForecastingPeter AdlerUtah State University
Near-Term Ecological Forecasting Initiative Short CourseNEFI team + rotating guest lecturersBU, Cary
Topics In Ecological ForecastingCayelan Carey, Quinn ThomasVirginia Tech
Dinámica Ecológica y Predicciones (Ecological Dynamics and Predictions)Peter Adler, Juan Manuel MoralesUtah State University, INIBIOMA, Universidad Nacional de Comahue