Educational Resources

Courses and SyllabusesInstructorsAffiliation
Topics in Statistical and Data Sciences - Ecological ForecastingAlbert KimSmith College
An Overview of Structured Decision Making - ALC3183 - ResourcesMichael Runge, Sarah ConverseUS Fish & Wildlife and USGS
Ecological Dynamics and ForecastingMorgan Ernest, Ethan WhiteUniversity of Florida
Ecological Forecasting and InformaticsMichael DietzeBoston University
Ecological ForecastingJason McLachlanUniversity of Notre Dame
Ecological Dynamics & ForecastingPeter AdlerUtah State University
Near-Term Ecological Forecasting Initiative Summer CourseNEFI team, Melissa Kenney, Barbara HanBU, Cary, UMd
Topics In Ecological ForecastingCayelan Carey, Quinn ThomasVirginia Tech
Dinámica Ecológica y Predicciones (Ecological Dynamics and Predictions)Peter Adler, Juan Manuel MoralesUtah State University, INIBIOMA, Universidad Nacional de Comahue