Educational Resources

This page provides:

  • EFI Education Working Group Publication
  • A list of Inclusive Pedagogy Resources
  • A compiled list of over hundred educational resources related to Ecological Forecasting
  • 2-page pdf overview of what ecological forecasting is and potential careers as well as examples of courses that is a starting point for students to learn more about the concepts and statistical and computational tools used in ecological forecasting
  • Infographics to support teaching and learning biostats in R
  • Example syllabi for ecological forecasting courses


Willson, A. M., H. Gallo, J.A. Peters, A. Abeyta, N. Bueno Watts, C.C. Carey, T.N. Moore, G. Smies, R.Q. Thomas, W.M. Woelmer & J.S. McLachlan. 2023. Assessing opportunities and inequities in undergraduate ecological forecasting education. Ecology and Evolution, 13, e10001.

QUBES Resources

A number of the Educational Resources are available as open educational resources on the QUBES platform. You can access the resources on QUBES individually below or find all of them compiled on QUBES here.

Inclusive Pedagogy Resources

HERE is the list of Toolkits, Papers, Discussion Techniques, Course Design,  and Strategies and Principles. This list of resources was compiled for the EFI RCN Inclusive Pedagogy Workshop held on June 7, 2021. Recordings from the presentations from the Workshop are available HERE.

Educational Resources

HERE is a list of over one hundred educational resources related to Ecological Forecasting. You can also access this resource on QUBES.

  • Resources include course material, videos, code repositories, modules, and online textbooks.
  • Resources are organized around concepts of forecasting, basics of R, Python, ecology, and statistics, data sources, data skills, model building, the forecast cycle, applying forecasts, and using decision science or interpreting forecasts as end-users.
  • Resources are categorized as Introductory, Intermediate, and Advanced

Ecological Forecasting Overview and Examples of Useful Courses

This 2-page pdf provides an overview of what ecological forecasting entails, the types of careers ecological forecasters have, and examples of courses undergraduate and graduate students can take to learn concepts and statistical and computational tools in preparation to learn ecological forecasting. This resource was developed for undergraduate and graduate students and to be used by academic advisors to share with their students. This living document created by the EFI Education Working Group in 2021 will be updated as needed. Email suggestions for the document to An archived version of this pdf is available as a QUBES Resource cited as:

Are you learning R, do you teach Biostats with R, or are you thinking of teaching Biostats with R?  Here are suggestions and infographics you can use for support. This project was led by EFI Member Olivia Tabares and the Education Working Group and is also available on QUBES.

Examples of Ecological Forecasting Courses and Syllabi

Courses and SyllabusesInstructorsAffiliation
Ecological Dynamics & ForecastingPeter AdlerUtah State University
ESPM-288: Reproducible & Collaborative Data Science

The class primarily worked through Rob Hyndman's Forecasting Principles and Practices online book.
Carl BoettigerUniversity of California, Berkeley
Topics In Ecological ForecastingCayelan Carey, Quinn ThomasVirginia Tech
Ecological Forecasting and Informatics 2019

Ecological Forecasting and Informatics 2021
Michael DietzeBoston University
Ecological Dynamics and ForecastingMorgan Ernest, Ethan WhiteUniversity of Florida
Topics in Statistical and Data Sciences - Ecological ForecastingAlbert KimSmith College
Quantitative Ecology and Evolution

Ecological Forecasting Seminar

Machine Learning for Ecology

Data Science for Biological Research (Pre-req for the Machine Learning for Ecology course)
Brett MelbourneUniversity of Colorado
Ecological Forecasting and Informatics 2014

Bayesian Statistics and Biological Forecasting 2022
Jason McLachlanUniversity of Notre Dame
Near-Term Ecological Forecasting Initiative Short CourseNEFI team + rotating guest lecturersBU, Cary
An Overview of Structured Decision Making - ALC3183 - ResourcesMichael Runge, Sarah ConverseUS Fish & Wildlife and USGS
Ecological Modeling and ForecastingQuinn ThomasVirginia Tech
Data Science for the EnvironmentKai ZhuUniversity of California, Santa Cruz
Dinámica Ecológica y Predicciones (Ecological Dynamics and Predictions)Peter Adler, Juan Manuel MoralesUtah State University, INIBIOMA, Universidad Nacional de Comahue