EFI Task Views

For individuals new to the field of ecological forecasting it can feel like there are an overwhelming number of methods and tools to learn and implement. On the other hand, individuals who have been forecasting for some time may want to know if there are any additional tools that others have found useful.  The Methods and Cyberinfrastructure EFI Working Groups are creating Task Views which provide a list of common tasks in ecological forecasting and methods and compiling tools to help with those tasks.  Currently, we have resources compiled for Reproducible Forecasting Workflows, Uncertainty quantification, Data assimilation, Modeling & Statistics, and the Visualization Task Views. Resources for Data Ingest, Cleaning, and Management will be added as they are compiled.

Find Resources For the Following Categories

Resources and tools listed in the four categories of tasks are meant to be living documents.  This list is not meant to be a comprehensive overview of all possible resources, as there are some tasks where there are hundreds of different tools available. Instead, we focus on commonly used tools.  However, if there are often used tools and resources we are missing,  we welcome input from anyone — suggestions can be shared as Issues or Pull requests on the taskviews GitHub repository. If you want to contribute as a pull request, 1) Fork the repository, 2) Modify the Rmd files(s) in the top level directory, and 3) Submit a pull request.

On the short-term scale, our goal is to provide the Task Views as resources to the ecological forecasting community.  In the long-term, we want to supplement these resources with gap analyses to determine where there are unmet needs for generalizable tools (i.e. methods are known but tools don’t exist) versus where methods don’t exist and there’s a need for new research on statistical methods or cyberinfrastructure.