EFI Unconference 2023

Bringing People Together to Do Forecasting: Training, Technology, Theory, and Translation
Unconference = participant-driven meeting

June 21-23, 2023
Location: NEON Headquarters, Boulder, CO

The goal of the 2023 Unconference is for participants to work together on products such as developing forecasts, automating forecasts, developing teaching materials/tutorials, refining or creating software tools, analyzing forecasts for a manuscript, developing visualizations, or working on other activities proposed by the participants.  There will be a particular focus on using NEON data. The meeting will provide an opportunity to learn new approaches and skills from other participants.

The meeting will include a poster session for attendees to present their research.

This will be an in-person event with no registration fee and with support for travel within the US available.  Due to space constraints, the Unconference is limited to 50 people. The application process will allow us to balance multiple facets of diversity including demographics, industry, career stage, and thematic interests.

Applications are now closed.

The Unconference is supported by the Ecological Forecasting Initiative Research Coordination Network (EFI RCN) and its support from the National Science Foundation (DEB-1926388).