Graduate Student Virtual Workshop 2020

The EFI Graduate Student Working Goup (SWG) is hosting a ½ day EFI Student Working Group (SWG) virtual workshop on May 11, 2020 immediately prior to the larger EFI-RCN virtual workshop on May 12-13. The meeting will take place from 11am – 3pm Eastern Daylight Time (GMT-4) and will include multiple breaks throughout in order to keep everyone energized. Because the meeting is virtual, participation is open to any students interested in forecasting, and hope to see a diverse turnout. 

Registration is now closed for the Graduate Student Virtual Workshop.

Here is the Workshop Agenda

The workshop will serve as a time for developing the organizational structure for the current SWG and as a networking opportunity for students actively working or interested in the field of forecasting.  While the May 11 workshop will include time dedicated to ratifying the SWG Operating Principles and Procedures (OPP) and defining a mission statement, other activities will include networking, building community among student forecasters, and developing future collaborative projects which would benefit both the EFI community at large and the SWG (e.g., hack-a-thons, software packages, publications, etc). 

The intention is for this workshop to be a time where everyone feels comfortable to participate and get to know one another and learn more about being a graduate student in the field of forecasting. EFI is becoming a foundational driving force for the forecasting community as a whole and this workshop allows the SWG a way for graduate students to integrate into the larger EFI community.