R Shiny Seminar Series

Taking Your R Shiny Apps to the Next Level

The Ecological Forecasting Initiative & ESA Statistical Ecology section are hosting a seminar series to demonstrate a variety of technical aspects for R Shiny web app development. Attendees will gain insights into the addition of key technical features that can be used to augment Shiny apps. Example R code that incorporates these features in a Shiny app will be included.

Each call will take place at 2pm EDT. Calls will be 1 hour in length with the call organizers staying on an extra 30-60 minutes to help individuals with questions and troubleshooting. Speakers will spend the first 15 min of the webinar presenting an app that they developed, which includes the technical aspect of interest. The remaining 45 minutes will be used to share a “bare-bones” Shiny app that specifically focuses on the key technical feature that is the topic of the given webinar. The speaker will demonstrate the components of this feature and will guide attendees in applying this feature in the example R code as well as its potential use in other Shiny apps.

Dates, speakers, and registration links:

August 10, 2021: Visualization of Data in Space and Time: An Interactive Framework, Josh Cullen (University of Florida), Registration Link
(Note due to a scheduling conflict this seminar topic and speaker has been updated from who was originally scheduled)

August 17, 2021: Creative Visualization of Model Results and Uncertainty in Shiny,
Margaret Siple (NOAA-AFSC), Registration Link

August 31, 2021: Improving Speed of Shiny Apps by Pre-Computing Models,
Kok Ben Toh (Northwestern University), Registration Link

September 14, 2021: A Primer to Creating Interactive Maps with Leaflet in Shiny, Thomas Connor (University of California, Berkeley), Registration Link