Inclusive Pedagogy Resources

The following is a list of Toolkits, Papers, Discussion Techniques, Course Design,  and Strategies and Principles. This list of resources was compiled for the EFI RCN Inclusive Pedagogy Workshop held on June 7, 2021. It has been updated as additional materials have been found.


  • Harris et al. 2020. From panic to pedagogy: Using online active learning to promote inclusive instruction in ecology and evolutionary biology courses and beyond.
  • Mriti. 2019. Nature in the eye of the beholder: A case study for cultural humility as a strategy to broaden participation in STEM.
  • Dewsbury. 2020. Deep teaching in a college STEM classroom. 5:169–191
  • Lue. 2019. Data science as a foundation for inclusive learning.
  • Borda et al. 2020. Initial implementation of active learning strategies in large, lecture STEM courses: Lessons learned from a multi-institutional, interdisciplinary STEM faculty development program.
  • Emery et al. 2020. Cultivating inclusive instructional and research environments in ecology and environmental science.
  • Collins. 2018. Confronting color-blind STEM talent development: Toward a contextual model for black student STEM identity.