Inclusive Pedagogy Resources

The following is a list of Toolkits, Papers, Discussion Techniques, Course Design,  and Strategies and Principles. This list of resources was compiled for the EFI RCN Inclusive Pedagogy Workshop held on June 7, 2021.


  • Harris et al. 2020. From panic to pedagogy: Using online active learning to promote inclusive instruction in ecology and evolutionary biology courses and beyond.
  • Mriti. 2019. Nature in the eye of the beholder: A case study for cultural humility as a strategy to broaden participation in STEM.
  • Dewsbury. 2020. Deep teaching in a college STEM classroom. 5:169–191
  • Lue. 2019. Data science as a foundation for inclusive learning.
  • Borda et al. 2020. Initial implementation of active learning strategies in large, lecture STEM courses: Lessons learned from a multi-institutional, interdisciplinary STEM faculty development program.
  • Emery et al. 2020. Cultivating inclusive instructional and research environments in ecology and environmental science.
  • Collins. 2018. Confronting color-blind STEM talent development: Toward a contextual model for black student STEM identity.