Ecological Forecasting Initiative 2021: Empowering Development of the Next Generation of Educational Materials for Forecasting

Host: NSF-sponsored EFI-Research Coordination Network

Date: June 28-29, 2021

Location: Virtual Workshop

Time: This workshop will be held at times conducive to the US east and west coasts.

Application Due Date: May 1, 2021

Materials from the associated 1-day Inclusive Pedagogy Workshop held on June 7, 2021, will be used in this 2-day meeting.
Pedagogy Workshop details are here.

This 2-day meeting will focus on developing and/or improving educational materials for ecological forecasting. Although not limited to, we hope these educational materials will leverage and be informed by forecasts submitted to the EFI RCN NEON Ecological Forecast Challenge. We will specifically focus on ways members of the EFI community can incorporate the production of educational resources into forecasts they inform, produce, or already use. Participation will be limited to 50 attendees to maximize engagement and productivity during the meeting. To make the materials more broadly accessible for individuals who cannot attend, there will be an opportunity to access the recordings of select sessions following the meeting. We encourage anyone interested in developing and/or improving forecasting educational material to apply to attend the meeting. Applications are encouraged from individuals from academic and non-academic institutions, at any career stage, and of all demographic backgrounds. The applications will be used to balance invitations to ensure a diversity of career stages, perspectives, experiences, and skills and to gauge the research interests and pedagogical experience of our attendees.  Applications are due May 1. Applicants will be notified by June 4.

There are no registration fees.

Specific objectives for the workshop are:

  • Share the diversity of existing resources for learning topics under ecological forecasting and where we have identified gaps in the existing resources
  • Develop a list of ways the EFI community can contribute to reducing gaps in terms of education material content, format, and education level
  • Create educational materials to empower scientists at all career stages to forecast using NEON data products, with explicit consideration of the best practices and challenges identified at the June 7, 2021 Inclusive Pedagogy Workshop
  • Create a community within EFI passionate about teaching ecological forecasting

We envision the key products from the meeting will include a brainstormed list of ways to improve the diversity of educational resources related to ecological forecasting and a starting point for creating educational resources by multiple workshop participants.

EFI-RCN is a part of the grassroots Ecological Forecasting Initiative ( If you have questions, please contact