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Ecological Forecasting Discussion Board

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General DiscussionDiscussions that do not fall in the forums below8 Topics · 11 PostsLast post: Question on "rules" for evaluating … · 2 years ago · Jacob Zwart
Funding and Project IdeasThis is a place for people to post grant opportunities, discuss project ideas, find collaborators5 Topics · 7 PostsLast post: NEON Biorepository at Arizona Stat … · 1 year ago · Kelsey Yule
Job BoardEcological Forecasting Opportunities9 Topics · 9 PostsLast post: Postdoctoral Research Associate in … · 1 year ago · Cayelan Carey
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Theory & SynthesisDeveloping new theories about predictability and synthesizing what we know across ecological forecasts4 Topics · 7 PostsLast post: comparing model outputs · 2 years ago · Karun Pandit
Decision ScienceFormalizing expert judgement to understand how best to communicate forecast uncertainty and better learn from model failure5 Topics · 12 PostsLast post: NOAA Readiness Levels · 2 years ago · Chris Jones
Methods & ToolsAdvancing statistical methods and tools for forecasting and data assimilation and translating these into software tools3 Topics · 5 PostsLast post: New Opportunities & Technologies E … · 2 years ago · Alison Ketz
CyberinfrastructureDevelopment of shared community tools for data ingest/interoperability and for forecast workflow automation5 Topics · 5 PostsLast post: HPC Allocations · 2 years ago · Kenton McHenry
Education & InclusionBuilding a diverse community of individuals trained on methods, theory and decision science and/or trained to use the forecast predictions in management and policy6 Topics · 7 PostsLast post: Inclusion & Diversity · 2 years ago · Anna Sjodin
Knowledge TransferFostering collaborations and forecast co-production among academics, government agencies, industry, NGOs, and citizen science5 Topics · 7 PostsLast post: Who should EFI engage with as oper … · 2 years ago · Christopher Brown