COVID-19 Forecasting Resources


This is an initiative from the scientific community to put all available resources at the service of the fight against COVID-19. If you are a researcher who wants to get directly involved or an expert in any field that wants to help, the aim of this effort is to put the wider scientific community at the service of COVID-19 research.

Forecasting Challenges

1. Space Apps COVID-19 Challenge
NASA announced on April 30 a Challenge that will address COVID- related issues “using NASA’s open-source data in an all-virtual, global hackathon.” Specifically, the challenge will take place May 30-31 and focus on four key themes: Learning about the virus and its spread using Space-based data; Local response/change and solution; Impacts of COVID- 19 on the Earth system/Earth system response, and; Economic opportunity, impact, and recovery during and following COVID-19. The competition will match participants with subject matter experts from NASA or other relevant government agencies. Registration and more information about the event is available at

2. CDC’s forecasting challenge for COVID-19:

3. Kaggle is running two COVID-19 forecasting challenges, one global, one for California

Experts in Forecasting

We have a number of EFI members who are formally trained in forecasting that might be a good resource if you are working on forecasts and need help in a specific area.

Ethics of Forecasts

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