Ecological Forecasting Early Career Annual Meeting

Host: EFI Student Association

Date: June 14-15, 2021

Location: Virtual Workshop

Time: This workshop will be held at times conducive to the US east and west coasts.

Registration to attend the workshop can be found HERE.

Registration Due Date: June 1, 2021

Application to submit an abstract to present results from your forecast challenge (details below) HERE.

Flash Talk Application Due Date: June 1, 2021

This 2-day meeting will focus on enabling early career (undergraduate students, graduate students, postdocs) scientists to participate in ecological forecasting. The workshop will center around developing collaborations and sharing skills amongst attendees. We will specifically focus on enabling early career scientists to participate in the EFI RCN NEON Ecological Forecast Challenge by providing skills-based workshops that teach fundamental and applied skills for forecasting, as well as highlighting forecasts in development by students and early-career researchers for submission to the EFI RCN NEON Ecological Forecast Challenge.

Participation will be limited to 50 attendees to maximize engagement and productivity during the meeting. To make the materials more broadly accessible for individuals who cannot attend, there will be an opportunity to access the recordings of select sessions following the meeting. 

We encourage all students, postdocs, and early-career agency/non-profit researchers from all demographic backgrounds interested in developing and/or improving forecasting skills to apply to attend the meeting. Note that you do not need to present or submit an abstract to attend the workshop! Registration for the workshop as well as abstract submission to present results from the forecast challenge must be completed by June 1. Applicants will be notified about abstract acceptance by June 4th.

There are no registration fees.

Specific objectives for the workshop are:

  • Develop forecast-relevant skills through 3 workshops led by early career researchers
  • Create a community within EFI students to foster future collaborations.
  • Share the first forecast challenge submissions in development by students and early-career researchers, with attention to results, methods, and lessons learned through 5 minute flash-talks (apply to present HERE)
  • Brainstorm collaborative projects as a group

The meeting sessions will be a mix of presentations, small-group discussions, and plenary sessions.  The topics are as follows:

  1. Day 1: Skills-based workshops
    • Session 1: Reproducible Workflows Primer
    • Session 2: NEON Forecast Challenge: Submitting a Forecast from A to Z
    • Session 3: Uncertainty Visualization and Decision Support Primer
  2. Day 2: Flash Talks and EFISA Networking
    • Session 1: NEON Forecast Challenge Flash Talks
    • Session 2: Future Projects Brainstorming

Presenting at the Workshop: We are soliciting abstracts from early career researchers (undergraduate or graduate students, post-docs, etc.) to present results from the EFI RCN NEON Ecological Forecast Challenge! We are excited to hear about the methods you are using, challenges you are facing, and progress you are making (don’t hesitate to submit abstracts for forecasts that are in the works!) Talks will be pre-recorded and 5 minutes long with 2-3 minutes of live questions.

EFISA is a part of the grassroots Ecological Forecasting Initiative. If you have questions, please contact Whitney Woelmer (, Dave Klinges (, Millie Chapman (, or Alyssa Willson (