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Non-academic Organizations

For individuals working in non-academic organizations:

  • What are the best ways that academic researchers can engage/partner with organizations like yours to contribute to the development of ecological forecasts? What do you most need help with (specific forecasts, specific tools, etc)?

Speaking as a member of the National Academies staff, I would be looking for ideas for the Academies to contribute to ecological forecasting studies,  for example with respect to their use in environmental decision making and for guiding research investments in the field.

Hi Clif - This is a rapidly growing sub-discipline...  'Twould be very interesting to see a NAS review of "ecological forecasting," particularly from the applications side.  It's early yet, but maybe this is a great time to start lining up resources and capacities for a report, especially if produced with natural resource managers in mind...  Of course, there's the Next-Gen Earth System Prediction report, 2016, but it's much more focused on meteorological/climatological drivers...  https://www.nap.edu/download/21873