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NEON Biorepository data portal is live; opportunity for exploratory forecasting research

Hi EFI Discussion Board:

This is a brief alert that the National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON) Biorepository, initiated at Arizona State University in the Fall of 2018, now has an on-line portal @ https://biorepo.neonscience.org. NEON sample-based data are growing at a rate of 100k samples/year; and are deliberately sampled to monitor and forecast ecological change. Our Biorepository group is keenly interested in promoting sample/data use, and would be excited to support data discovery and further analysis activities to this end. There are many under-explored opportunities to leverage signals from our ~ 45 different organismal or environmental sample collections. You can reach us at biorepo@asu.edu to hopefully explore this further. Thanks for considering!

Best, Nico


Nico M. Franz, Ph.D.

School of Life Sciences, PO Box 874108

Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ 85287-4108

E-mail: nico.franz@asu.edu

iSearch: https://isearch.asu.edu/profile/1804402