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Forecasting journals

This is a question for the group: What are good journals for publishing forecasting projects? Is there a journal(s) with an ecological forecasting inclination?

Looking at the papers I tend to cite in this area I think the ESA journals are disproportionately represented, with Ecological Applications in particular being a common place that I cite from, which makes sense given that many forecasts have an applied aspect to them (and it doesn't hurt that the Editor-in-Chief, Dave Schimel, is himself very interesting in forecasting). I also think Ecological Monographs is overrepresented on when it comes to forecast-related methods papers. I've also had luck with GCB and Ecology Letters. Beyond that, I think forecast papers are showing up in a wide range of subdiscipline-specific journals -- which is to say that I can't think of a journal or editor that I've encountered who is hostile to this area of research. Others might have their own horror stories, which I'd be interested in hearing about as well. For high profile stuff, among the papers I cite there's more from Science than Nature, though I've never personally had luck with either (but we did have luck with PNAS).