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Citizen-based forecasting

Hi all,

We have a platform that produces real-time species distribution forecasts based on citizen reports. Right now, we're forecasting a few things--some ticks, jellyfish, moose-car interactions--on a daily basis. I'm continuing to build this out as opportunities come along. We have a toxic algae forecast we're releasing this summer. Have done whales in the past. Just generally looking for collaborations. If anyone is interested in working together on a taxon, let me know. Here's the site:


And here's a paper that describes some of the methods (at least for jellyfish):


My email: nrecord@bigelow.org



Hi Nick - very cool.  We use citizen-contributed observations to develop and then validate models of organismal activity, i.e., phenology (www.usanpn.org).

Might be interesting to see if we could integrate not only WHERE organisms are (or are expected to be) from your project, and WHEN they are active (or are expected to be) from our project.

Check out, for example, our Phenological Forecasts, at https://www.usanpn.org/data/forecasts.

In the meantime, since we're focused on invasives (more or less), we've been considering  the use of EDDmaps https://www.eddmaps.org/)

Jake Weltzin, jweltzin@usgs.gov


Hi Jake,

I'm a fan of pheno forecast. I'd love to talk about ways to connect!

You can check out some of the other (experimental) forecasts here: eco.bigelow.org

We've got some moose and tick stuff up that we're playing with.