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Chapter Scientist for the IPCC

The African Climate and Development Initiative at University of Cape Town is advertising for a Chapter Scientist to join the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Sixth Assessment Report, to support the authors of Chapter 9, Africa: climate change impacts, adaptation and vulnerability.

This is an extremely exciting opportunity for a recent MSc or preferably PhD graduate wanting to work with leading researchers on a high-profile climate assessment with global policy importance.

Please see the job advertisement here: http://www.acdi.uct.ac.za/chapter-scientist-ipcc-ar6-chapter-9-africa-climate-change-impacts-adaptation-and-vulnerability-0

Being a Chapter Scientist is a rare opportunity for early-career researchers to participate in the IPCC process. And attending IPCC Lead Author Meetings is an excellent way to meet and work on climate change issues with a diverse set of high-profile scientists from multiple countries.

The primary role of the Chapter Scientist is to provide technical support to the Africa chapter. The responsibilities of the Chapter Scientists are to the author team, not to an individual of the author team. The Coordinating Lead Authors (CLAs) of each chapter, in consultation with their author team and the WGII Technical Support Unit, define the specific tasks to be executed by each Chapter Scientist. This can involve a wide range of support tasks, including literature review, contributing text to the chapter, figure drafting, reference checking and compilation, traceability checking, identification of overlaps or inconsistencies across chapters, and technical editing, facilitating communication between the author team, organization of chapter teleconferences. The Chapter Scientist will need to be available to attend all relevant Lead Author Meetings.

The Chapter Scientist will be encouraged and supported to produce high-impact research and/or policy publications aligned with the broader goals of the Africa chapter, which are to assess observed and projected climate change impacts, adaptation and vulnerability across the continent.

Please contact Dr Chris Trisos (christophertrisos@gmail.com) for enquiries about the Chapter Scientist role.